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Cambium ePMP Force 200 2.4GHz Dish Antenna With Integrated High Gain Radio - C02


Cambium Networks PMP 430 (BRAND NEW IN BOX)


Motorola Canopy / Cambium Networks 9000SMC P9 Subscriber Module


Cambium Networks Motorola CANOPY CMM Micro 1070CK CMM3 Management Module


Motorola Canopy / Cambium PMP100 9000APC P9 AP Connectorized Access Point


Cambium Networks cnPilot E500 Outdoor Access Point with PoE Injector PL-E500INTA


Cambium Networks - PMP 450 - PMP450 5 GHz - 60 Degree Sector Antenna (+FSK)


Cambium Networks 5GHz PMP 450 Connectorized AP PMP450


Cambium Networks C050045B003A PTP 450i END 4.9/5GHz, Connectorized - FCC


Cambium Networks Motorola PTP400 5.4GHz 60Mbps Connectorized Complete Link


Cambium Networks PMP450 5GHz C054045A002A Access Point with 60 Degree Sector


Cambium Networks 9000SMCHH P11


Cambium PTP 650 Back-haul Link


Cambium ePMP 1000 5GHz 120° Sector Antenna


Cambium PMP 400/PMP 430 5GHz Sector 65°


Cambium 5GHz PMP 450i Connectorized Access Point with 5GHz 60° Sector Antenna


Cambium Networks PMP 450 5GHz integrated subscriber module, 20 Mbps


Cambium Networks PMP450 C054045C003B 5GHz SM, Subscriber Module - 20 Mbps


Cambium Networks PMP450 2.4GHz SM Subscriber Module 20 Mbps throughput


Cambium Networks Motorola PTP400 5.8GHz 20Mbps Connectorized


Motorola Canopy / Cambium Networks 5750SMG Advantage Subscriber Module NEW P11


Motorola Canopy / Cambium Networks 5750AP P11 Advantage Access Point


Cambium Networks PMP450 5GHz AP Access Point & 60 Degree Sector Antenna


Cambium Networks PMP450 KIT 5GHz Access Point, 60 Degree Sector (5) 20Mbps SMs


Cambium Networks PTP600 PTP400 LPU End Kit for the PTP (Includes (2) LPU Units)


Cambium Networks C054045H013B 5 GHz PMP 450d 20Mbps (4-Pack)


Motorola Canopy / Cambium PMP100 5750AP P10 Advantage AP - FREE SHIPPING!!


Cambium Networks Motorola PTP600 5.4GHz 300Mbps Connectorized Complete Link


Motorola Canopy / Cambium Networks 2450AP P10 Advantage Access Point


Cambium C050000D001A CLIP Lot of 24


Cambium Networks Motorola PTP600 5.8GHz 300Mbps Integrated Complete Link


Cambium Canopy 5750APCDD PMP100 5.7GHz P10 AP 14Mbps Connectorized


Cambium ePMP 1000 5 GHz Sector 90 Antenna


Cambium Networks Motorola 3.65GHz PMP 320 16.5Dbi DP 90 Degree Sector Antenna


Cambium Networks WB2907H LPU


Cambium Canopy 5450APCDD PMP100 5.4GHz P10 AP 14Mbps Connectorized


Cambium Networks PMP 450 2.4GHz connectorized subscriber module, uncapped


Cambium 3630SMC PMP320 Connectorized Subscriber Module


Cambium Canopy 5750AP P9 Connectorized


Cambium Networks WiMAX PMP320 3630SM Subscriber Module 3.6-3.8 GHz (3.65Ghz)


Motorola Canopy / Cambium PMP100 2450AP P10 Advantage AP - FREE SHIPPING!!


Cambium Canopy 5250APCDD PMP100 5.2GHz P10 AP 14Mbps Connectorized


Cambium Canopy 2450APCDD PMP100 2.4GHz P9 AP 14Mbps Connectorized