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Ephesos, Ionia, 350-288 BC. Bee with straight Wings! Stag:


5 mm, 0.15 g IONIA Kolophon 6th cen BC AR Tetartemorion or 1/48th Stater! Apollo


Ancient Greece coin Bull &Lion Face BC Ionia Greek Silver Tetradrachm Samos Coin


Ionia, Phokaia 50-300. Nymph / Griffin’s Head, (Tag Says Ketos, Sea Monster)


Ionia, NGC Ch XF Gold/ Electrum 1/24 Stater, 625-550 BC, One of the First Coins


Ionia Gold Circa 600 B.C. NGC AU


Ionia, Erythrai Herakles - Bull AE 350-330 BC


IONIA, Miletos. Silver Diobol, 6th-5th Century BC, Lion / Incuse, 9mm, 1.16g


IONIA, Miletos. Silver Diobol, 6th-5th Century BC, Lion / Incuse, 10mm, 1.02g


Ancient BC Greece Coin Bee Stag Large Unknown Ionia Ephesus Municipal Artemis 1


IONIA, Phokaia. Silver Hemiobol. Head of Griffin / Incuse, 5mm, 0.28g


Rare Ancient AR Greek Coin Ionia Silver 6th 5th Century BC


Ionia or the Thrako-Makedonian.c. 600-550 BC.1/24 Electum.Scorpion or crayfish?




IONIA, Uncertain. Circa 650-600 BC. Gold 1/12 Stater.Geometric pattern


Ancient Greek Coin Ionia. Purchased from Forum Ancient Coins. Homer.


Ancient BC Greece Coin Rome Hercules Helm Ionia Samos Bull Lion Faces Unknown AE


MORTWN Smyrna Ionia semi-autonomous issue AE19 180 AD Zeus + Prow Scarce!


IONIA, Ephesos. Before 600 BC. EL Hekte (2.36 gm).Roe deer and pentagram.


NGC Greek Silver Tetartemorion IONIA, COLOPHON 6th Century BC "Choice Very Fine"


NGC Greek Silver Hemiobol, IONIA, ERYTHRAE, Rosette, 5th Century BC, Graded "XF"


IONIA, Miletos. Silver Diobol, Forepart of Lion, 6th-5th Century BC., 10mm 1.05g


Ionia, Miletos Greek Asia minor Apollo - Lion standing Æ11 3rdc BC


Ionia, Uncertain Mint 625-550 BC 1/24 Stater NGC Choice XF 4/4 ancient coin


Ionia, Chios 3rd Cent AD AE 22 Sphinx Seated w/ amphora / Nude Warrior


EPHESOS Ephesus IONIA Genuine 390BC Authentic Ancient Greek Coin BEE STAG i70243


Greek Silver Drachm from Island of Chios in Ionia, 3rd century BC NGC Ch VF 1008


Ionia, Erythrae Heracles EL Hecte NGC Choice AU 3/4 ancient gold coin


Ionia, Miletos  3rd Cent BC Apollo Head Lion AE 18


IONIA, Miletos (Miletus). Circa 360-325 BC. AR Drachm


Z-274 IONIA, Kolophon. Circa 530-500 BC. AR Forty-Eighth Stater


Greek coin AE16 from Kolophon Ionia, Apollo, CC6539


MORTWN Ephesos Ionia AE10, ca 387BC Mars + Ram Standing Left


Ionia Erythrae Heracles Hecte NGC AU 4/4 ancient gold coin


EPHESOS in IONIA Genuine 387BC Bee Female Authentic Ancient Greek Coin i69834


IONIA, PHOCAEA hecte NGC VF ancient electeum coin gold sixth Stater


Ionia, Ephesos_387 - 295 BC_AE13


MORTWN Miletos Ionia 1/12 Silver Stater 525 BC Lion left + Stellate Ornament EF